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The aging process is a scary thing to face. Especially for all of us who feel young on the inside all the time. In my heart I feel like I am only twenty one, even though I am almost double that age. With life, there are stages, and each stage require some kind of remedy to provide certain levels of comfort that we desire. It can be to treat some kind of love, hurt, pain, or bliss. Whatever that maybe, its great to find something that works. Something that can make an impact. So I love Body Glide and I love High On Love!

I have been suffering from lower back pains for over a decade. I have tried everything under the book to help alleviate my pain. Masseuse and Chiropractic doctors have helped some but not all the way. I am short of just having surgery, but why should I try something so drastic without trying something not as invasive first? So with my back pain, it has been a game changer for me to use Body Glide’s Relief, muscle pain relief balm.

The muscle pain relief is strong, effective, and provides me the relief I have been yearning. I could not believe how the hot and icy feeling that I was experiencing was actually penetrating my muscle and numbing my pain. Not to mention, how amazing the scent of menthol was.

The advanced formula for the muscle pain relief body glide is ideal for faster warm ups when needing to work out. My muscles felt really relaxed after its use, and it took effect within minutes. I know that this will work good on joints too since heat helps alleviate pain.

Have you ever experienced foot pain when wearing shoes that rub on the soles of your feet? I have and it’s the worse feeling, because you love how the shoes look on your feel, but wearing it is painful. So Body Glide also has the Foot Glide Balm. I appreciate this balm, and how easy it is to apply to the back heal side of my foot.

My shoes rub on my heels and it makes my skin gets raw. When I apply the Foot glide, the friction I feel is protected from rubbing. Instead of having to wear a thick bandaid that feels somewhat awkward, I can rub Foot glide on my skin and it has the same barrier effect, without the hassle of a sticky product.

When the time of the month comes for me, I become rather swollen. My favorite dress or skirts make it difficult to wear, because my thighs start to rub together. My skin gets hot and red, and then rather painful. When I use the Body Glide for Her Anti Chafe Moisturizing Balm, I get relief from my rubbing thighs.

The balm is like a deodorant balm, so it’s easy to apply on my skin. The hydration from the balm creates the barrier. Also, if you have a larger bust area, this can protect against the chaffing caused by friction from bras. For me, when I wear a tighter bra with underwire, I use the Body Glide for Her, and it makes a big difference.

These Body Glides are amazing, as they provide vitamins and are sweat resistant.

The High on Love Massage Oil is amazing, because it runs smooth and has a very lovely scent. Who doesn’t enjoy a rich decadent white chocolate scent on their body? When I need a good massage, I have my spouse apply some on my back and It creates a unique delicious experience! The massage oil is ideal for couples and newlyweds.

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