When my niece and nephew were smaller I can remember trying hard to wipe their runny noses when they are tired of having a rough tissue scratch at their faces is nearly impossible. Little Busy Bodies solved this problem with the invention of Boogie Wipes®, the first saline nose wipe for kids.

We use this on Devon because he still hates to have his nose touched when he's sick, he actually lets my sister use this on him without moving.
Boogie Mist puts a fun twist on relieving stuffed up sinuses for kids who resist the mist. Its fun scents like grape and menthol Now the company is solving another booger-filled problem with the introduction of Boogie Mist, a gentle saline nasal mist with a twist. Instead of a boring spray nozzle, Boogie Mist has a Schnozzle to make it more appealing to children.

Whats great about this product is it's a gentle saline nasal mist helps soothe and clear nasal passages with nothing more than , all natural saline. Sterile saline helps flush blockage from the nose while moisturizing tender skin. Boogie Mist will have parents and children alike breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Weather it's from a cold or , flu or simple allergies, Boogie Mist can help cure the sniffles, stuffiness, painful dry nose and general congestion. It can be used as often as needed for relief throughout the day and night.

Created by two moms as a solution for their kids’ sore, red, stuffy noses. Thanks to them you can now have an easy solution to wiping your kids red nose.

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