Boogie Wipes was created in 2007 by two Boogie Moms. Having trouble using saline drops on their own children they knew there had to be a better way. In one of those lightbulb moments they decided to combine saline drops and tissues. And that is how it all happened. Now they have created Boogie Mist.

BoogieIt is a mist with a twist. The best sidekick to the wipes is a non-medicated sterile saline mist that works as fast as any superhero to help ease congestion caused by sinus and snot that just won't budge or break loose. The gentlest spray for even your tiniest of noses. Proudly made here in USA! I love that part. The mist applicator, aka schnozzle, comes in two different fun scents. Fresh or grape. Sterile saline is the only all natural and mucus busting ingredient in Boogie Mist.

Boogie                                                       Boogie

When my kids were little I never had any type of product like this. I just had to struggle with trying to get the congestion broke up the best I could. I love this stuff and makes it so much easier to help my grandkids when I babysit while they are sick. Their products help me make them feel better without all the fussing and fighting to clean their noses. 

Natural saline is found naturally occurring in the earth and in your body that excels at breaking up and thinning mucus if you use it in the correct concentration. Doctors have regularly recommended the use of saline drops for infants and children and sprays and neti pots for teens and adults. Saline mixed with a tissue make a moist wipe that helps clean and wipe the nose painlessly and gently. It is natural and hypoallergenic and works even on the most sensitive skin. 

I love their products and keep a pack of Boogie Wipes with me at all times. I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as me and my grandkids do.

Head on over here to keep up with the latest news and all of their newest products:

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