My niece use to have three pacifiers one in both her hands and one in her mouth , and my poor sister could never keep up with them, she always lost them now they have some adorable clips and they will keep the pacifier in place by clipping it to your babies shirt. They had something like that when she was young but she would pull them off, these are great and my new nephew is going to never lose his.





A PaciGrip is a UNIVERSAL pacifier leash that is compatible with all types of pacifiers such as Soothie, Avent, Mam and more! PaciGrip is a simple design that simply work. Now this is something great , attach your child pacifier to this and they will for sure not lose it. Made tough to stand the test of your child pulling on it, the length is long enough to have some room for them to hold it. They are durable, pretty, fit on any pacifier and the clip does seem really strong so far.Nicely made with nice fabric, good quality and it is washable. The clip works well and is the right length. Perfect

They are incredibly easy to use, they clip on really tight and securely and are easy to clean. Washable, durable and non-toxic
Strong clasp that won't pull off, but is gentle on
Available in matching SippiGrip patterns
Also great for holding small toys!
* Pacifier not included

You just put the loop through one of the holes in the side of the binkie then feed the strap and clip through then clip it to your little one's shirt



Booginhead SippiGrip


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SippiGrip is an easy to use, mom invented product, which prevents your child's sippy cup, bottle or toy from falling to the floor! This is a great germ prevention and ‘on the go' product. It has a special grip material which creates a strong hold on any cup or bottle and its unique design allows you to adjust the length to accommodate any height car seat, stroller or high chair that you attach it to.
This is another great thing that my niece can use when the baby is older, so she wont have to worry about him throwing his bottle or sippy cup out of his stroller.
And is adjustable so you can make it longer or shorter, so she can have it long or short. They are fantastic for holding bottles/toys to a high chair or stroller, but beware a smart kid can figure out how to take it off.
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