Reading to children is very important.   I always read at least one book a night to mine, I say at least because I always heard “one more story!” quite often.  They fall in love with the cute characters in the books and what better gift than to make that book come to life so to speak with a soft toy of exactly that character?

YOTTOY Productions, Inc., has brought the characters in children's favorite story books to life. For example, Paddington Bear.  My children love those books and how cute is he with his rain gear.  Now when I read to them, my children grab their little toys and hang onto them as I read them the book, and they are so soft that I do not have to prevent them from bringing them in their bed.  Whether you have the 6.5″ Plush Pal or the 14″ Jumbo Plush, they will love cuddling with them.  Some of the other offerings are a Paddington for Baby Jack-in-the-Box, Chime Ball, and even a Baby Stroller Toy so no matter what time of day your child can have a reminder of their storybook friend and play with him. There is also a talking soft toy and a poseable figure set for those a little older where they can act  out their favorite scenes from the book!

The soft toys you can get are not limited to just Paddington Bear though. There are many books that you can find special toys based on, including books from Greg Pizzoli to Mo Willems, Eloise dolls, and Little Golden Books' 75th Anniversary assortment of soft toys from the most beloved children's books.  

Reading is great, and the more reading the better, and bringing the character to life with a cute soft toy is a perfect way to get your child to want to read more and more about the character.  I have half a dozen books that I could probably recite from heart without having the book in front of me because I have read them so often, but seeing my child play with their story book friend makes it worth it! Check out all the toys based on books (and books too!) here, and you can also follow them on Instagram.

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