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Books For Sticker Lovers

Kids Will Love These Paint By Sticker Books

My kids are all grown up but I get to hang out with my granddaughters, which I love doing. We also love creating crafts and other activities that keep them busy. Unfortunately, the 4-year-old loves painting and we all know that can get pretty darn messy. That's why I absolutely love these books by Workman Publishing. They sent me their Paint By Sticker Holly Jolly Christmas and Rainbows Everywhere! and I couldn't be happier. Well, my granddaughters couldn't be happier because they enjoyed making their very own creations. The instructions are so easy the 4-year-old could do it, although she did need a bit of help. My 11-year-old granddaughter had no problem whatsoever.

Paint By Sticker Using Numbers

So, the way these books work is you simply peel off the sticker and put it onto the corresponding number. It's literally that simple! Some of the pictures have glittery stickers and others are normal matte colors. No matter what, you'll create a vibrantly colored masterpiece! Kids will be so proud of themselves that showing them off on the refrigerator is a must. Oh, and not only will the kids love creating but you'll love that it doesn't make a mess. No paint, no water being spilled, and no messy hands!

Great Gift For The Holidays

These days are flying by and I know I'm not the only one noticing. Obviously, this means that the holidays will be here before we know it. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those organized people that have the gifts bought in advance. However, I am trying so hard to be better this year! Here is your chance to get organized too. These books make such a great gift or even a big stocking stuffer. Heck, I believe even teachers would love to use these as stress relievers. I know I enjoy creating my own picture, especially if I'm feeling anxious. It helps divert my thoughts into fun and creation mode instead of worrying and stressing mode.

I hope you and your family will enjoy these books as much as mine has. Don't forget about the holidays creeping up and if you're interested, simply click on the links I've provided. You can find these on Amazon too!

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