Anyone  looking to add a little spice to their love life…Booty Parlor is the place to go. Bringing little things into your relationship like lingerie, message candles, body fondue and more. When adding new things like message oils, vibrating underwear it can really liven up your relationship.
With the Booty Parlor it is easy to browse different items in all of the categories. When you browse through their site you will find 3 different experiences. There are 3 different packages that explain in detail the products which you can enjoy to make your romantic night more excitable.

I have received the body fondue set and the exotic sandalwood and spicy chocolate cinnamon message candles. The candles have a wonderful relaxing scent. The body fondue is fun and different making a sweet experience. I thought it would leave you feeling sticky but it did not. You do need to refrigerate the fondue after opening it.The Booty Parlor is about adding a fun, sweetness and excitement to your relationship while feeling sexy. When you go on their site the products you see are romantic and seductive. By adding a little pair of sexy underwear or kissable body shimmer you transform to a very sexy partner and enhance your love life.  For more information click here.



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