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Botanical Skincare You’ll Love

The Best Botanical Skincare You'll Love To Use On Your Face – Or Give As A Gift!

The Skincare market as of 2020 is worth 39 billion dollars, if you can believe that.  I mean, all you see on the television are ads for the various skincare companies.  But can you trust them?  Before I use anything on my skin I research it because I don't trust it to just anyone.  When a company comes up with the most responsible ideas, I'm going to follow them.  That's why I trust Karyng by Dr Karyn Grossman.  I believe they're the best botanical skincare out there!  They don't test on animals and they even use a sustainable forest for the boxes that your items come in.  That spells responsible if you ask me.

I was so excited because they sent me their Illuminate Enzyme Mask with Pro-Verte Complex.  This lovely mask has all of the good stuff and nothing bad at all.  It's almost like eating plant based foods but using it on your face.  Why not use what Mother Nature gave us instead of a bunch of yucky chemicals?

Botanical Is My Favorite Word

Why is botanical my favorite word?  Because it literally means a substance obtained from plants.  I can't imagine anything more healthy than that can you?  Grossman Dermatology makes their skincare with great care for the Earth, which is why the mask I received doesn't contain parabens, glycols, phthalates, or BPA.  There's much more they refuse to add which I appreciate!  Such as no synthetic fragrances.  If you smells something it comes from the natural place it came from.

The Illuminate Enzyme Mask

This anti-aging complex will brighten and lighten skin, clear pores (my favorite thing!), exfoliate dead skin cells, absorbs oils, tightens pores, soothes the skin, and so much more.  When I tell you that there's nothing bad in this mask, I really do mean it.  After using it just once the first thing I noticed was the fresh, clean smell.  The scent is like a citrus or lemon and it reminds me of something clean.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they give you a headband to hold back your hair and as you rub in the mask it turns blue.  This stuff is so good for your skin!  It even has a patented natural anti-inflammatory complex combined into all of its goodness.

There are way too many good features to include in this little post.  Please, if you're interested in good, clean skin, go and check them out by clicking the links I've provided.  Happy Holidays!

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