bottoms up brush 1

bottoms up brush 1

Bottoms Up Brush

Over my lifetime I have gone through so many brushes. Even spending a pretty penny on some so-called “good ones”. But what is exactly a quality that will make a brush stand out? What can make a brush fall into the “good ones” category? My few favorites have to be the brushes with careful thought in design. Something like the Bottoms Up Brush.

Patterned for Vent Usage

I love the Bottoms Up Brush, because it is very user friendly. I am able to use my brush even if my hair is wet. Sometimes the brushes I use are to flimsy and if my hair is wet, it will not work. So for the Bottoms Up Brush, being a wet and dry brush is ideal for my hairstyling. I really am impressed by its oblong vent pattern. The pattern allows for air to easily flow through the brush. I love that when I am also using my brush simultaneously with a hair dryer. My hair can get styled and dried at the same time.


The bristles are smaller and thinner, as well as flexible. I don’t like bigger bristles because they make it hard to brush all my hair at once. Their grip is weaker but with thinner smaller bristles, my hair can be brushed much faster. The bristles are drained with gentle ball tips that help glide through hair. I would not want a non balled tip as that hurts to brush my scalp.


The handle is very nice too, because it has a comfortable fit in my hand not allowing myself to lose grip. The handle has a slight neck indention and the bottom half expands outward. I truly love that about it. Most importantly the brush is equipped with a “bottle opener” at the base.

bottoms up brush 2

Bottle Opener

Why would the Bottoms Up Brush have a bottle opener at the bottom you ask? To open beers of course! It’s actually a fun invention as you can bring this amazing brush to the beach and have a two in one combination of usefulness! You can brush your hair at the same time while passing it around for your family and friend to use to open their bottles.

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