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Subscription Boxes that Expose You to Wonders


As women age, their skin loses elasticity. That means that sagging skin starts to appear and wrinkles emerge. No one wants that. The solution is to start in your early twenties and start using a beauty regimen that can help aide and slow down the aging process. I am forty years old now, and I started in my later ages on using a beauty regimen, because I thought my youth would last forever. It was a bad move for me. I was in denial and the aging process was coming for me. Thankfully I have happened upon Boxwalla.

Who is Boxwalla?

They are the all time shop for women’s needs who are interested in beauty, culture, film, food, reading, and fashion. I came upon a beauty box of there’s that I am in love with. With Boxwalla they try to inspire and expose you to different products, ideas, and culture. My beauty box contained the December theme of If on a Winter’s Day, a Traveller. Inside I was able to receive two full sized beauty jugs. One was the Cipher Skincare’s C-Shield Antioxidant Serum which retails for $95 and the Skin Alchemist’s Time Traveller Renewing Face Cream which retails for $117. I have to say that my skin felt much softer and more hydrated after using this combination of skincare. I have really bad blotching and skin discoloration and I feel that the C-Shield has helped even out my skin tone. With the Time Traveller Face Cream, I noticed an improvement in my skin's elasticity. Using these products have truly helped me regain confidence in myself. Aging does not have to be so bad after all.

My box was part of the bi-monthly beauty box subscription. However, you are always able to cancel your automatic renewal by the 10th of the preceding month. Besides, amazing skin care products, there’s also book boxes and film boxes available. In the book box, you will get an amazing read and a beauty product to try. Some examples of previous included books were Excellent Women by Barbara Pym as well as Deep Sightings and Rescue Missions by Toni Bambara. In the film box, you will get a DVD of a masterwork of a film with amazing visual storytelling. Boxwalla also has food products that are a must try!

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