Bracelets For Change

These Beautiful Bracelets Will Remind You To Change The One Person You Can Change…Yourself!

Do you believe that you can change the world?  Can one person do that?  Well, SPACE would like to think so.  I'm certainly on board with them, how about you?  The gorgeous bracelets that they sent to me are literally breathtaking.  They sent me the Change Bracelet (my favorite) and the Unity Bracelet.   Each one tells it's own story, or more importantly, your new story!  These bracelets are a daily reminder to you (or anyone that sees it) to be the change that we need.  We are living in this crazy time together.  How beautiful would it be to purchase these for those you love?

Bracelets For Change

Change The Person In The Mirror

The Change Bracelet is so pretty, but that's not all it has to offer.  Think about how you talk or treat one another.  Remind yourself that you are the first person that change starts with.  In this crazy pandemic time that we are all struggling through, we need to be the support for someone.  If you're having a really hard time, let someone actually support you.  But don't let these beautiful pieces of jewelry be worn without reminding you to be better!

Bracelets For Change

Bracelets That Have Another Purpose

As if change and unity aren't enough, this company gives women in Uganda a chance to support themselves!  They actually hand make each bracelet with recycled paper beads.  Not only does this give these wonderful women a financial leg up, but it also gives them a therapeutic outlet.  When you see these bracelets in person, you'll be amazed at how gorgeous each and every one of them is.  The bracelets are strung by people of the Light Up Life Maisha Home, which is a home for orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda.  Their salary helps with schooling and food.  All you have to do is purchase the jewelry, SPACE will do the hard part.

Bracelets For Change

Imagine the beautiful gift these bracelets would make to anyone that you love!  Each bracelet comes with a cute card and a small bag to hold everything in.  They make a great stacked bracelet look too.

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