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Fair Trade Bracelets You will Love

Bracelets. I swear my daughter loves them. She has them all the way up her arm pretty much almost to the elbow. The more bracelets she can fit on there the happier she is!


Sashka Co bracelets are hand crocheted in Nepal. They are made from glass beads and cotton thread and are part of a Fair Trade movement to help women earn a fair wage and rise from poverty. It is really amazing how pretty these bracelets are and the fact that they are all made by hand is really something. The added bonus is feeling good that I am supporting women trying to make a living for themselves but these are sturdy bracelets, not cheaply made and I really was in awe when I saw them in person.


Each bracelet is unique because they are all hand made. These bracelets are so nice. My daughter wore a couple and immediately got lots of compliments on them and people wanted to know exactly where she got it so they could get them. These bracelets are stunning and guaranteed somebody says something about them when you are wearing them. They have no clasps so they are easy to get one and off, you just roll it on. No worrying about the clasp getting undone and you losing the bracelet . You will want to wear them every day they are so comfortable and pretty.


Sashka Co bracelets come all different colors so you would be able to find one that matches with anything you are wearing. They have solid colors or multicolored bracelets and they are all so nice when you see them. The pictures and the website do not even do them justice. The bracelets will also go with anything from casual to more dressy and will make a great complement to anything you are wearing.


Sashka Co bracelets are an ideal gift, especially for older people who like to wear jewelry but cannot manage to get their bracelets on due to clasps or long fingernails or arthritis. Girls will adore them as they will not need help getting them on and will feel special! Since it is not elastic no worries about the bracelet digging into the skin either. It is as easy as that. No fussing – you just roll it on. Then you just wait for the compliments!


Check out Sashka Co to see their bracelets and learn more about fair trade.


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