Breakfast Eating Habits Among Medical Students

Perhaps, all people know that breakfast is a major meal, and missing it is harming the organism. It gives energy for the body and brain, and, as a result, it promotes learning. If you don’t eat breakfast, you won’t have the desire to study, and your organism won’t have the energy to do something at all. No wonder that many students always feel tired and exhausted. They don’t even figure out that the problem lies not in a rigorous curriculum, but their own irresponsible attitude to their health.

However, one cannot deny that modern curricula are challenging enough and try to encompass more subjects and more topics that several decades earlier. So, if you faced such a situation, you may feel free to ask professionals for help. Type in the search query do my math homework online, discuss the process of work with the expert and have a sigh of relief. You’ll surely get a good grade.

Let’s go back to the students, studying medicine and their attitude towards breakfast.

The Results of the Research About Students' Morning Meals

Numerous researches were carried out to study this issue. The most famous one was conducted at the University of Ghana, where second-year medical students were given a questionnaire, analyzing their breakfasts. The overall number of respondents was 304, among which 203 were males. The surveys showed that more than 70% of all students who took part in research skipped their meals, among which 143 were males and 85 females.

Moreover, the research has evaluated the level of fatigue and revealed that the fewer breakfast students ate per week, the higher level of exhaustion they had. The study showed a correlation between their age and the frequency of skipping meals. But it shouldn’t be so.

The main reasons why they do it are the following:

  • The lack of time.
  • Rescheduling of the lecture on the earlier time.
  • Inconvenient bus schedule.
  • Personal choice (some students don’t like and don’t want to eat in the morning).
  • Financial reasons.

There were lots of similar research, but the results and reasons why students do it are almost the same. If you belong to such a category of students, we advise you to change your behavior. Do you experience a lack of time? Find the academic writing service, leave the request to “do my essay for me” and devote some time to sleeping or cooking the breakfast in advance.

And to make matters worse, even medical students may be unaware of the consequences and effects of skipping the most important meal of the day. The fact that medical students treat their health irresponsibly sounds strange. So, medical colleges should do something to promote the habit of eating healthy and create the conditions that will let students devote time to cooking their meals.

However, any student, regardless of his or her educational program, should remember that there’s no need to spend time on difficult disciplines, such as accounting. Google the request I need accounting homework assistance now and stop harming yourself.

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