BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Liner reduces the risks of suffocation, entanglement and climbing. Made with exclusive fabric with A.C.T. Air Channel Technology that promotes airflow and helps maintain air access. Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside the crib. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable and fast drying. Adjustable to fit Standard 4 sided Slatted Cribs, Solid Back, Solid Front, and Solid End Cribs. Solid colors coordinate with any bedding set. Satin trim finish. Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside. Contains one short panel for front railing and one long panel for wrapping other 3 sides of the crib, both 11″ high. Easy wrap design; adjustable to fit cribs with slatted ends. Attaches easily with textured fasteners, no dangerous ties. Collapses to impede climbing. Safety evaluated. Tucks below mattress for extra protection. Machine washable, fast drying. Portable and durable. Hypoallergenic, poly mesh fabric. Patented.




So we basically had to manipulate the part of the liner that can be seen on the front side of the crib and turned it to where you can see the cute little design outwardly, but our little guy won't be able to see this part inwardly. It still serves the purpose of being a safer option than a regular bumper and I'm at least happy that baby will be able to see most of the design while actually laying down in the crib.

There are also little ties on the outside of the liner that I believe also are supposed to help it from sagging. When I installed these, I accidentally installed one of them with the ties up and one with the ties down. I wish I had installed both with the ties down




Our products include breathable mesh crib liners which are designed to address the risks of suffocation and entanglement, breathable wearable blankets and blankets with moisture wicking mesh fabrics to keep your baby comfortable by reducing overheating, and breathable toys that are safer for baby to snuggle with.

BreathableBaby's product line of breathable baby safety products is affordable and accessible to parents everywhere.


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