Brelox Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

I travel often with my family and I end up in serious thought of how I should travel with my accessories. Before, I used to throw all my necklaces in a zip lock bag, and then when I arrived to my destination my necklaces were intertwined with each other. It would take me hours trying to unwind them and get them separated again. It was very frustrating. I never had a really nice travel jewelry organizer, because I thought it was not necessary. Boy, I was wrong about that. Every girl should own a pretty amazing jewelry organizer. One like the Brelox Travel Case.

The Ultimate Organizer

The Brelo Travel Jewelry Organizer Case is really a one and one done deal, because it has all the compartments for bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. I did not have to worry about misplacing my jewelry when traveling, because I know all of it was contained in this single case. It made finding my statement pieces so convenient to store and to find. I was confident that my accessories would be secure and organized. The case has seven multiple sized compartments, ease of access transparent pockets, and non-transparent pocket for valuables. It has tangle free necklace storage, a removable earring holder for 25 pairs, and a slim design. I love the pattern of my Brelo case too. It’s very pretty with its dainty leaf pattern.

The Right Size

The Brelox travel case is about 9 inches long, and 8 inches wide. It is big enough to protect all my favorite pieces. I love that it is water resistant so I can easily wipe to clean it off. I really like opening it and closing it, because it is so organized and has a magnetic closure to stay in place. The many pockets provide the right amount of organization I need from transparent pockets to non transparent pockets. The non transparent pockets I tend to hide my more expensive jewelry for safe keeping. The eight straps that hold my necklaces in place are my favorite feature about the Brelox case.

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