Brevena Please Help my Aging Skin Look Younger


Oh no, when I look into the mirror I don’t even know who I am looking at anymore. It’s like looking at an older woman, who has worked a long hard life, mature, with many experiences. Bags under her eyes, and wrinkles on her eyelids. That’s not me, I think to myself, that’s someone else. I am a young twenty something, aren’t I? I have a beautiful youthful face, don’t I?

I am not going to be forty soon, it can’t be. But yes, it’s true. That woman looking back at me was me. My face now aged, with a withered look. I had dry skin, wrinkles around my eyes, bag under my eyes, and the youthful appearance I once had is now gone. What could I do to delay more of this aging anguish now before it gets worse? Use Brevena.

What is Brevena? It’s a cream for our aging dry skin that hopes to rehydrate it and improve it. The skin care line designed to address the needs of normal to sensitive skin types. It is definitely clinical grade, because it cares about improving skin and caring for it.  Also, holding a renowned process of the refining Macro B Complex to restore our dry rough skin. Our skin that has been aged, and suffered the harshness of the environment like wind and sun.  After using it skin is left soft, healthy, and luminous. Blended with additional skin nourishing ingredients, Brevena gently smooths and protects all skin types for optimum skin health and robustness.

Perfect Pair -Daily Hydration

I really enjoy using Brevena’s Perfect Pair. With two jars of moisturizer, I feel lucky to have it. The Daily Hydration Moisturizer is so impressive, because for starters, my dry face is gone! I used to have these ragged broken skin on my cheeks and tips of my nose and I hated how looking closely at myself in a mirror these flaws would pop out at me.


With that said, the fine lines and wrinkles around my eye lids have seemingly also pumped up. They are less visible. I dread turning forty and so fine lines have to go! The way I use my daily hydration moisturizer is in the morning after I wake up. I apply a liberal amount on my face and then I put my makeup on. The cream is not greasy and it absorbs pretty well. I cheat and add some to my hands for the added benefit.

Overnight Cream

The Restore & hydrate Overnight cream also provides the same benefits of minimizing wrinkles and improving dryness. But it is used overnight for a more youthful glow. Because lots of us older women have wrinkles, the overnight cream is formulated with Macro B Complex, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and other antioxidants to make sure that moisture is working on our fine lines while we sleep. I love using my Brevena Overnight cream, because I feel like even at night, my skin is being protected to keep it’s youthful glow as long as it can.

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