Bridal Beauty Trends To Consider for Your Wedding

A wedding day is an unforgettable memory for brides around the world. The hours spent making decisions on the details are worth every second to curate a wonderful celebration with the love of your life.

When preparing for the big “I do,” selecting the right people as bridal support—such as a hair and makeup team—is essential. Yet, how do you go about determining your look for this special occasion? A stunning wedding look includes the perfect dress, hairdo, and makeup. If you’re in need of beauty inspiration, you should be aware of some of the latest makeup movements in the bridal scene. Here are a few top bridal beauty trends to consider for your wedding.

A Natural Look: No-Makeup Makeup

Over the last few years, smaller and more intimate weddings have become mainstream. With this, many brides opt for a minimalist look with subtle artistry. This less-glam but lovely style is popular, as no-makeup makeup highlights natural beauty and body positivity. Not to mention the airiness suits most color schemes.

A natural look is a beautiful combination of an impeccable skin base, nude lips, light blush, and subtle shimmering eye makeup with smudged liner and mascara. Don’t forget about highlighter as a dainty complement to this classy, understated look.

Bold Lashes and Soft Glam

Conversely, striking glam is still one of the top bridal beauty trends to consider for your wedding. With an attention-grabbing aesthetic, this makeup look suits lavish nuptials or vintage bridal fashion.Bold lips provide a sense of emphasized elegance while lush, full lashes define the face. Shades of red and pink lipstick, such as magenta or fuchsia, are also popular. This trend works wonderfully for an array of complexions, especially when paired with soft contour and defined eyes.

A Vibrant Look: Dewy Fresh

Speaking of complexion, many brides prefer fresh, dewy looks over a matte makeup finish. Caked-on makeup is no more the tradition; instead, a dewy effect creates a subtle, feminine wedding look. To achieve this youthful glow, artists use a combination of quality base primer and glossy foundation; however, this look can be a bit challenging depending on skin type, texture, and the experience of your makeup team.

Generally speaking, your wedding day makeup options are endless. Work with your artist or bridal beauty team to select the best products and color options that accentuate your true beauty. After considering needs, preferences, trends, climate, and more, you can curate a beauty style that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come.

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