Birthstone jewelry has been around for quite some time. As far back as the written history goes, the 12 birthstones were associated with the 12 Zodiac signs. Birthstones are precious and semi-precious gemstones that were – and still are – believed to have mystical properties. Usually, people would wear an accessory piece embellished with their birthstone as a talisman, to enhance their strong sides and provide them protection from evil. Some actually believed that wearing a birthstone that’s not your own would bring upon bad luck. But nowadays, things are a bit different. While there are still people who believe in strong – almost magical properties of birthstones, people are much more open to wearing different birthstones due to their look and color alone.

So, with that in mind, here’s a somewhat unusual division of birthstones, what they’re believed to represent and how you can use them to accentuate your look.

White birthstones

Predominantly white and predominantly blue birthstones are two of the biggest color categories of birthstones with each counting 3 different stones. White birthstones – diamond, pearl and opal – represent, consequentially balance and healing, purity and innocence, and faithfulness and confidence. These birthstones are tied to those born in April (diamond), June (pearl) and October (opal). Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pearl brings forth a sense of purity and delicacy, and opal is considered to be the queen of gems due to its natural properties. You can learn everything you need here regarding the history of opal and opal jewelry, as this is one of the arguably most complex and interesting birthstones.

Blue birthstones

The second largest color category are blue birthstones. These are aquamarine for those born in March, sapphire for those born in September and tanzanite for those born in December. The characteristics they’re assigned are creativity and hope, purity and wisdom, and good fortune and success. Although these stones may appear similar to the untrained eye, they are quite different in nature. Due to their stunning blue hue, they work perfectly with gold jewelry if you’re after a more balanced look, or silver hues if you prefer the visually “colder” aesthetics.

Red birthstones

This color category consists of two birthstones – garnet for those born in January and ruby for those born in July. Faith, love and courage are assigned to garnet while courage and strength go with ruby. Fiery in nature, they really do represent people born in these moths and their attributes are only there to further emphasize that. They look best combined with gold as it perfectly brings out their vibrant beauty.

Green birthstones

On the other side of the spectrum we have green birthstones. Emerald for those born in May and peridot for those born in August. Both quite rich in color but somehow soothing and calming in nature. Wisdom, growth and patience are commonly associated with emeralds while strength is emphasized with peridot. These two stones are perfect choices for anyone looking to emphasize their love for all things nature, as the forest green of the emerald and grass green of peridot remind of just that.

Purple birthstone

The color purple is somewhat of a stand-alone shade when it comes to birthstones. Amethyst is the only birthstone of this hue and it belongs to people born in February. February being a unique moth on its own, it’s really no surprise that people born then get quite a unique birthstone. Strong and loyal relationships are what defines this birthstone and people who are proudly wearing it. Since amethyst is quite unique in appearance, it has the power to amplify the mystical vibe.

Yellow birthstone

Finally, the yellow birthstone topaz is the birthstone of people born in November. Love and affection are the main properties here. A perfect fall gemstone that embraces the crisp vibrancy of this season. It looks best when combined with gold, or even some of the red birthstones.


Due to its beautiful aesthetics and unique properties, birthstone jewelry is still quite a popular choice. Not only does it have the power to elevate any look but it also brings a dose of mysteriousness to anyone wearing it.

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