Throw'n Go Jenga-Winning Moves

Bring Back Family Game Night- for the holidays!

In our house, Family Game Night is pretty darn important.  Even though the last couple times our “teenager” has been absent, we still make it work.  Let me tell you about some NEW games we got to add to our GAME NIGHT collection. Games are always a wonderful gift to give to families during the holidays.

Throw ‘n Go Jenga~ this is OUR FAVORITE game because it is so much fun.  Jenga was a big hit in the 80's but with the new colors and still fun to play, it has become a hit in our house too.   It is classic Jenga gameplay, but the blocks are three different colors.  I'm the one who goes out first due to my stacking and pulling skills is not up to par.  My daughter and husband, oh my goodness they take this game so serious.  It's fun to watch them go head to head.  My daughter usually wins.  

Throw'n Go Jenga-Winning Moves

Scattergories: The Card Game: This game you need to be QUICK!  My daughter is catching on, but this one was a bit tricky for her, so she didn't like it at first BUT after playing a couple more times she decided it was FUN.  She is determined to win this one all the time now.  It reminded me a bit like SlapJack; you have to hit the card with your hand and say “I know” and if you are correct, then you get to keep the card. This game is fun to play with a lot of people or just two. You get all caught up in the guessing and trying to guess FAST.   A lot of fun.  Also a game you can take on trips since it is a card game and packs up pretty darn good. 


UpWords: I remember this game “Back In Day”~I love to introduce games I played with to my kids.  This is another 80's game that is making a comeback. My daughter and I play this weekly to help with her building words.  She is homeschooled so we can play games like this and say we are learning.  How this game works is you build words with stackable letter tiles on the game board, you can go across, down, and UP! It is a three-dimensional game that is very exciting to play. 


UpWords Game- Winning Moves Fun Stack-able game: Spell, Stack, Score

If you are interested in any of the above games, please check out Winning Moves for more information plus a lot more GAMES!  Bring back family game night or least during the holidays get some fun game playing in before dinner.  Family is important, and laughter is even better- so if you combine the two, you have the perfect family fun night. 

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