We love our animals and always, wants what's best for them. And we are always taking pictures of them. They are part of the family and mean so to us. We want to make sure we have pictures of them, so they are always with us. Recently I was able to get a picture, of Hailey, made in historical clothing, from  Pet Vignettes  Yeah its weird but it came out so good, she looks really good in the picture. Simple to use and in no time your picture will be here.

Upload a picture of your pet’s face, choose from a collection of amazing styles, and we will create a stunning composite portrait with them in the historical outfit and print it on a Premium Artist-Grade Canvas!  Immortalize your pet! Upload your pet’s face and we’ll create a stunning composite visual with them in Victorian and retro-style outfits on a Premium Artist-Grade Canvas!


Custom-developed, pigment based inks create vibrant reproductions of your images that resist fading and scratches. Sturdy, solid facing canvas front prevents stretching and sagging. Perfect corners – every time! Our patented manufacturing process allows us to create corners free from unsightly bulges or excess material. Every canvas comes with a fully finished black backing, with pre-installed hanging hardware. Now with 12 styles to choose from!

Imagine being able to have a cute picture of your pets, to always remember them by. We love the one of Hailey, now we need one for Bella.

People are always asking how we came up with the idea for Pet Vignettes. Pet Vignettes started out as a gift idea using our logo model, mascot, and VP of Purring, Irma, the sphynx cat. I created a Pet Vignette using Irma as a Christmas gift to my lovely wife-to-be, Susan (seen, on the right). That's me, on the left!

The canvas print had such quality and it looked so fantastic that everyone we knew would comment on it and ask where they could get one! That's when the sparks went off and we created Pet Vignettes!  May 1st, 2017 was our official launch date. We started with 6 portrait styles, which has expanded to 13 styles, including the new COUPLES style, shown above!  We look forward to expanding more and adding new styles in the month's to come!




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