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Bringing Some Jersey Home

“We are a family owned and operated business since 1935, and all of our jewelry is manufactured and assembled in America. Right now, our best-selling items are our charm bracelets which are available in silver, gold, and rose gold.”

It is hard to pick a special gift for Amanda, and this Valentines Day I wanted something different. She loves shoes and jewelry like her mom and aunt. While looking for that unique piece, I came across Reese and Rose; they have some of the cutest pieces of jewelry I have seen in a while.

We have been down South for a while now, and we miss Jersey, so I thought this would be the best gift because we will always be Jersey Girls.  When the bracelet came, I was surprised at how well made it was. One of the things I noticed was the clasp and how easy it was too, get on and off. And it would fit most wrists with no issues.


Gold Jersey Girl Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal


Each bracelet comes with a Swarovski Crystal, Made in USA tag and R&R tag. While it is boxed with a decorative R&R custom inserts. Plus this one comes with a Jersey Girl Charm.  A perfect gift for Amanda and when she received it she was, more than happy.

The clasp is made sturdy and easy to take off and put on all with one hand. Comes in a  box with  beautiful R&R custom inserts.


Elisa created the brand Reese and Rose in late 2014. The names are from her grandmothers: Theresa and Ruth Rose.  They are two strong women, and the name embodies both of their spirits. Our motto is Live the Life.

Product Care:

Store at room temperature, preferably in a jewelry box

Do not wear item in the ocean or shower

Put jewelry on after applying lotions, perfumes, or hairsprays

Clean with a polishing cloth- do not use jewelry cleaner, as it will take the finish off

For that special person in your life, I am sure they would love one of these bracelets or something else.

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