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Brings Me Back To A Great Time


What makes your morning great, for my husband his first taste of coffee, before anyone else is awake starts his day right. We are always looking forward to, the new flavor that Crazy Cups sends us each month. To me, the waiting for that different flavor is like waiting for a gift to come and when it does your so happy with it.

Why is this the best coffee, as an ambassador, you are surprised by the coffee that comes you never know what the flavor is. Part of the surprise is not knowing, what flavor is coming.  When we received this I was more than happy to try it myself, the flavor reminded me of my dads, candy he always had no matter what.  Butterscotch is this month’s great flavor, the one thing about Crazy Cups is they, never overpower you with the flavors, it tastes like it should and not fake like some flavors I have had. Lose yourself in the luxurious taste of brown sugar, cream and a touch of vanilla – just remember to come back when you’re done.

The Coffee cups contain only 100% coffee and artificial flavorings, Sugar-free, nuts free, no sweeteners, gluten free and they are KOSHER. Compatible with All Keurig K Cups® Pods brewer including the Keurig 2.0 brewer. Use cool-peel-recycle technology – The cups are recyclable.

Flavored coffee, not your thing? It’s all good. We’ve got it all: coffee, decaf, teas, hot chocolates, and more. Make sure to check back. You won’t want to miss each crazy new addition! Recyclable single serve coffee & Premium hot chocolate for your home and office brewer with flavors guaranteed to knock your socks off. To bring together our “Flavor Nation”, to vote on what Crazy flavor we will produce next!

Premium Hot Chocolate

What would your favorite flavor be?

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