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The Brinks Push Pull Rotate Door Locks

The Brinks Push Pull Rotate Door Locks

For years, I have looked at my regular door knob in the hallway entry with disdain. It was almost a spectacle trying to get the door knob open when I came home with groceries. Having my hands tied up, I would try and come up with clever ways to get my door open without having to put all my groceries on the floor. At times, this involved using elbows, forearms, knees, and toes. You can imagine how hard it was opening this door. It was frustrating and it took just too much time and effort. I just learned to live with the predicament and accepted it as a matter of fact.  But lo and behold, my prayers have been answered with the Brinks Push Pull Rotate door locks.

Opens Three Ways

The Brinks Push Pull Rotate door locks, is genius in a sense that it can multitask the way humans can multitask. Meaning, there are three ways that you can open the door lock.

One way is to literally push the lever with your hand, hip, arm or elbow. Imagine carrying a big case of water bottles to bring into your home. The water is so heavy, and yet you don’t want to put it on the floor until you have reached your kitchen. However, with a traditional doorknob, there is no feasible way to get straight inside your home, without having to put down the case of water. Now with the Brinks Push Pull Rotate door locks, pushing ever so gently at the lever releases it and opens your door, allowing you to step inside. It literally is as easy as it sounds.

The other way is to pull the lever towards you allowing the locking mechanism to release. It’s so easy to do it with just a finger. I can use my little finger, and it has not been a problem. Lastly, you may also rotate the handle the traditional way.

My life has been unburdened tremendously with this wonderful and very clever invention. Time has been put back in my pockets, and stress has been kept at bay. From the three choices, the Push version has worked for me the best. However, all three ways are good ways and I still can’t believe how Brinks Push Pull Rotate door locks designed a three-in-one!

Durable and Beautiful Finish

Installation with the Brinks Push Pull Rotate door locks has been so simple.  It is just three parts that are put easily together like a puzzle. It actually contains fewer pieces than the standard door knobs. I was pretty surprised with that feature. The instructions were pretty clear in understanding. Also, what I loved is the finishing of the Brinks Push Pull Rotate door locks. It looks very high quality and feels very durable too. Aesthetically, it brings an elegance into my home. So far, I am very pleased with its inner workings. I feel it will last my family for many years.

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