Brixo the bricks that safely conduct electricity and will connect to your phone. And that will help you do all types of things with your designs. And they will bring your building blocks to life. With electronic sensors and motors.

Brixo Standard Kit


Standard Kit Parts

60 Parts
1 Smart battery case (+Bluetooth)
1 Motor block
20 2×1 blocks
3 2×2 blocks
30 4×1 blocks
2 LED lights
( 1 ) Light switch
1 Sound switch
1 proximity switch+Magnet


While they may be normal size, they are far from normal. Because these electric bricks are like Lego® on steroids. Well, if steroids gave you superpowers and can teach you new languages”The blocks safely conduct electricity and the free smartphone app lets you control your creations remotely, making blocks move, light up and more.”. And you don't have to buy new sets because each set is interchangeable with your favorite building blocks.

Different Types of Bricks


LED Bricks – these light bricks contain two directional LEDs ( light emitting diode ). Which offers two-way operation.

Motor Bricks – such a powerful geared electric motor.

Sound Sensor – this can switch your current on/off with the sound of your clapping.

Proximity Sensor – this will let your current pass through when a magnet brick is close by.

Light Sensor – now this little guy will let your current pass through when your light is obscured.

Battery Brick – powering ( 9v battery ) the circuit and will protect you against short circuit. While it can be controlled by bluetooth.

Magnet Logo Brick – containing a powerful neodymium magnet that will operate your proximity switch.

You can choose between the Starter Kit, Maker's Kit, Expert Kit, Mad Scientist Kit, or the Classroom Special. They have something for everyone in your family. Me and the grandkids have had so much building and designing your own creations.

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