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As I’ve gotten older, I noticed that I appreciate the little things in life and those little things bring me so much happiness. Sometimes as a little treat for myself, I light me a scented candle to just lighten the mood in my home. It makes me feel so relaxed, like I am pampering myself at a spa. There are so many candles to choose in today’s era, but I prefer candles, that I know are made in a clean environment, and preferably made in America. I am very pleased by the type of candles designed by Brooklyn Candle Studio. They are definitely top-notch!


Such a Variety

Brooklyn Candle Studio is an independent candle design and manufacturing studio. They handcraft beautiful candles with sox wax, essential oils and phthalate-free perfume oils. The candles are very enjoyable to use and breathe, because they are influenced by notes from nature, traveling, and fond memories. I love that! They have such a variety to choose from. There are gift sets, a minimalist variety, travel type candles, escapist themed collections, a NOIR and Disco Holiday set, Amber Apothecary, and even match accessories.

Beautiful Scents

I am very inspired by the sets I have tried! The Balsam Noir candle really reminds me of being in a cabin with a beautiful forest view. The scents include fir needle, and hints of cedar and pine. The black matte jar gives the candle a truly classy look! When it glows, it looks very graceful. Then there is the Fireplace candle. This candle is such a beauty. I just love looking at it. Its jar is in a pink matte tone and has the cutest fire template printed on it. The scent it gives is a more hearty heavy scent that includes incense, and crackling fire. 

Minimalist Candles

Then you have the minimalist candles. The Christmas Tree candle is definitely one of my top three! Who does not love the scents of spearmint, pine, cypress, and balsam fir? There are also hints of moss, musk, and cedar wood. This candle makes the whole house feel festive and uplifting. Another favorite is the Cedarwood candle. This is a very cozy candle as it has woodsy notes of cedar, one, and fir. Even a hint of vanilla. I love that these minimalist candles are in jars with lids so I can take them with me anywhere. The lids are gold, so they make the candle that much more beautiful. 


Then there are the travel tin candles, like the Montana. It is inspired by fresh evergreens that grow in Montana and give off a nature camp like feel. It has hints of blue spruce, pine, and camphor essential oils. It smells so good! The tins are small enough to bring along anywhere and give off just the perfect scent and light needed, for example in a hotel room.

All these candles made from Brooklyn, New York and one hundred percent soy derived. They burn very cleanly and have lead free cotton wicks primed with vegetable based wax. There are no added dyes or chemicals in any of these candles. They are the prefect addition to any home, and make the perfect gift for anyone.

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