I love shortbread cookies, the buttery flavor, and the simpleness of the cookie are a comfort food for me. Every so often, I find shortbread that is really superb, and I found some recently that are absolutely amazing. The Brown Sugar Shortbread Buttons from Grainne Baking Co., are absolutely to die for. Tiny little squares of sweet brown sugar shortbread, that melt in your mouth. Perfectly paired with a cup of coffee, these will become your go-to cookie for your afternoon cup. Not a coffee drinker? These would be perfect with your favorite cup of tea.

They remind me of something that my grandmother would put out for our tea parties when I was young. Such special memories can be made and remembered with this simple cookie. Made with only four ingredients: creamery butter, wheat flour, brown sugar, and salts, these cookies are inspired by traditional Irish shortbread. 4 ounces come in a cute little muslin bag, with the Grainne Baking Co. logo on the front. They are the perfect gift to add to a housewarming basket, as an addition to an Easter Basket, or placed on the bed and breakfast tray for Mother's Day.

Brown Sugar Shortbread

As someone who grew up in a family that made the kitchen the heart of the home, I love the story of how this company and these cookies came to be. Jillian Simms, the founder of Grainne, grew up in a home where she learned the love of baking. After attending culinary school, she founded Grainne; her philosophy was to use only the best ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. She uses local honey, dairy, and eggs, to make her delicious treats, and the results speak for themselves.

Jillian's family came from Ireland during the 20th century, and Grainne is a figure from ancient Celtic folklore thought to be a personification of the harvest. With her Irish connection made, she set forth creating deliciousness. I know that if her Brown Sugar Shortbread buttons are this good, then her other Irish-inspired treats are amazing as well!

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