Bauli Authentic Italian Cherry Jerry Croissant

It's spring time and there are so many reasons to get together! Baby showers, Mother's Day, spring break and so much more. After a harsh and frigid winter  people are starting to come out of hibernation and get together. And with getting together comes food. I like to host brunches on the weekends to see friends and family I haven't seen for a while. And with brunch comes food! When I host a brunch I love to have a platter of pastries. However, I don't want to spend time baking fresh pastries. I have to clean the house if I'm having people over! Lucky for me Bauli makes these delectable authentic Italian croissants that are ready to serve. All I have to do is remove them from the wrapper and arrange them on a platter. That's it. Ready to be eaten.

Bauli Authentic Italian Cherry Jerry CroissantHere are just a few of the reasons why I love serving Bauli authentic Italian croissants when I'm having a get together.

                         ~ They are fresh, moist, flakey croissants that are ready to serve

                         ~ No artificial colors

                         ~ Oven baked 

                         ~ Filled with either cherry jelly, chocolate or vanilla custard

Bauli Authentic Italian Cherry Jerry CroissantWhen I'm hosting a brunch I want to the food to be impressive, simple and full of flavor. Bauli helps me accomplish all this. Bauli croissants come in three scrumptious flavors – cherry, chocolate and vanilla custard. Your guest are sure to find a flavor they love.  We love the Bauli cherry jelly filled moist croissant. Each croissant is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. And they are fresh! When I opened the croissant I could tell it was fresh. The croissant was flakey and moist. One little trick I learned is if you warm them up for just a few seconds in the microwave (like 5 seconds) the cherry jelly gets all warm and gooey making it taste even better!  These are perfect for a weekend brunch or even a mid day snack with a nice cup of coffee. 

Bauli Authentic Italian Cherry Jerry CroissantYou can find Bauli croissants local grocery store. 

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