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A Better Toothbrush


All my life I have been raised to use a manual toothbrush. In grade school, they taught us to use a manual toothbrush. We had to brush in circular motions and for two minutes long. We even had a sand timer to show us how long two minutes was. But since then, the times definitely have changed. Advancements in toothbrush technology have changed the pattern of brushing & teeth have better chances of getting cleaner. Bruush is an electronic toothbrush, rated high above most!

Fast and Efficient

I truly feel clean when I use my Bruush toothbrush. The vibrating pulses make tooth brushing feel more fun and controlled. In fact, the old standard I had of using a manual toothbrush for two minutes have been saved with time via my electronic Bruush toothbrush. Thirty seconds of using the Bruush cleans my teeth equivalent to two minutes of a manual toothbrush. I love how much time I can save.


The great benefits of using a Bruush is the multiple modes of vibration to clean certain parts of the mouth. There are options for gentle use, the tongue, maximize, daily, gums, and white.

I love that it comes with so many choices. I’ve owned other electronic toothbrushes and for some reason they only have one mode!

Besides a multitude of modes, the Bruush has a beautiful slender design and color. I have the pink color which is perfect for my feminine taste. There is also a black or white color. That way my husband and I don’t get confused to whose toothbrush is who! On the website store you can choose a one time purchase or subscription.

Get One or Subscribe!

A Bruush Electric Toothbrush subscription activates a box of 3 replacement heads shipped to your door every 6 months for only $18 ($6/head). They have a guarantee that if you don’t love your Bruush, you can get your money back within three months of purchase.

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A one time purchase is $89 which includes shipping. What it includes is 

   • Premium Electric Toothbrush

  • 3 Brush Heads
  • Magnetic Charging Stand
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Travel Case

Charge it Just like a Phone

My favorite feature is how easy it is to charge! Just using a magnetic charging stand for a few minutes gives me the ability to enjoy using my Bruush twice a day for up to four weeks before the next charge. It’s so convenient for my busy on the go lifestyle, where I would forget to charge it if I had to do it more often.

This amazing Bruush ships to you. Find out more at Bruush | Facebook | Instagram


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