Bubbles For Summer

The Kids Will Love These Toys That Use Bubbles For Fun – Welcome Summer!

What child doesn't love bubbles?  I know my granddaughters have always loved them, and well, so have I.  However, my youngest granddaughter is obsessed with them.  I've given her some bubble gifts through the 2 years she's been alive, but none have made her as happy as the Sunny Days Bubble-N-Go Deluxe Lawn Mower.  You can find it on Amazon and it comes with the 4oz. bubble solution.  The great thing about it for parents?  It doesn't take any batteries!  I thought I was in heaven, but Sunny Days had another toy to give us.  The Maxx Bubbles Bubble Leaf Blower (and the solution) by Sunny Days.  My granddaughter didn't know what to play with first!  They even threw in a sweet little sun hat, a small gardening shovel and gloves that fit them perfectly.

Bubbles For Summer

Bubbles Are Educational

Watching the bubbles fly around the yard and pop is in itself, entertaining.  However, if you explain to your kids the science behind them, you can use this fun activity for some education time.  First, you can explain that bubbles can be found in many different types of liquids.  Such as coffee, beer, soda pop, and so many others.  The easiest way to describe a bubble is it's simply air wrapped inside of a soap film.  Let the kids see the various size and shapes of them.  There are even fun crafts you can do with them too.

Bubbles For Summer

Lawn Mower

The Bubble-N-Go Lawn Mower was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  My granddaughter is 2 years old and she had no problem pushing it around making a path of bubbles as she walked.  As it's being pushed it gives a small sound that sounds like a machine running.  This made her feel like a big girl!  She was cutting the grass just like Mom and Dad.  We all know that role-playing is fun, but it's also very educational.

Bubbles For Summer

Leaf Blower

The Bubble Leaf Blower does take batteries, but it is so cool!  Again, my youngest granddaughter had no problem holding it up and pushing the button needed to blow the bubbles out.  It makes a nice blower sound and she certainly wasn't afraid of it.  It's very easy for little ones to use, which I thought was so great.

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