With the holiday seasons is coming fast on us. We have been watching Christmas programs since the end of October. When I was asked to do this review for an honest opinion , I was more than happy to do this. My nephew loves all movies and this is a great  addition to his collection.


The  movie begins  we find Buck Denver feeling a little confused about why there are so many holiday traditions tied into celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Why do we drag trees into our homes and decorate them? Where did the tradition of hanging stockings by the fire come from? Why is Santa Claus even a part of Jesus’ birthday, anyway?  With the help of two special ladies he sets out to invite all of his freinds to his cabin. Hoping they can make it to his cabin in Indiana for a Christmas party.  Along the way, we see that it’s not only Buck who’s a little confused about where all the different Christmas traditions have come from.

The Buck Denver Asks… Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD does a great job of giving answers to the questions about the traditions of Christmas that most of us have never got around to asking or looking up:

    • Why is it called “Christmas?”
    • Why do we celebrate on December 25th?
    • What year was Jesus really born?
    • What do Christmas trees have to do with Jesus?
    • Where did Santa Claus come from?
    • Which came first – Christmas or Hanukkah? And which one did Jesus celebrate?
    • What are the “12 Days of Christmas?”
    • How does the name “Emmanuel” explain the real meaning of Christm

VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer, along with our new favorite reporter, Buck Denver, took us on an amazing journey into the world’s most popular holiday. Buck decides to throw a Christmas party, and invites all of his friends. As they are traveling to Buck’s cabin in the woods, they each tell us a different part of the Christmas story and how it came to be called “Christmas.

We enjoyed the movie, We found the characters entertaining and the songs were easy to follow. And everything was easy for children to follow , which to me is the main reason I loved it so much.'


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