A Towel and a Onesie

How cute is it to have a towel that is also a onesie? I mean a towel that your child can jump into right away after stepping out of the shower and not trail around a puddle of water? It is actually a great idea as after a bath or shower, mom is busy trying to get the bathroom back in order but first she has to dry the baby up! But to expedite the process, why not just throw the baby into his onesie which is also a cloth made of towel material? That way he is getting dried and the water is being absorbed off his skin at the same time? It even comes with an attached hoodie that goes over his head to absorb the water drips from his hair. The hoodie is so adorable, because it is the face of the creature theme of the onesie. It is called the My Buddy Towel.

Cute Design

The my buddy towel is such an ingenious idea, because mom doesn’t have to worry about spending so many minutes drying off her child. She can shave off five minutes with luring her baby into the my buddy towel. The baby thinks its great, almost like a costume that is fun, comfortable, and almost like a treat. The material is soft and very much like a towel, because it is! It is one hundred percent cotton. The zipper design is so that it doesn’t zip up or down directly off the skin of the child, which is a plus. There is an extra layer of cloth under for protection that keeps the skin from getting pinched. The hoodie has bulging eyes that emit from each side. It is so adorable to see kids wearing the buddy towel.

Comfortable and Comes in Many Sizes

There are two designs. The Frog Towel Onesie. It’s green, is such a fun character, and is super absorbent. Kids would rather wear the onesie than using boring towels to dry themselves off. Also kids who waste too much towels after bath time won’t waste as much towels as they effortlessly use their onesie towel instead. For girls, there is the pink flamingo buddy towel. This onesie has the cute beak and small eyes of the flamingo on the hooded part. There is even a cute ripple at the top representing feathers. Of course who says that pink is just for girls. By all means, the boys can use the pink flamingo buddy towel if they want, and the girls can use the green Frog Towel Onesie too! The sizes range from twelve to eighteen months, all the way up to size ten/ twelve youth. These make for such fun birthday and Christmas gifts.

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