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Budget-Friendly Vaping

If You Want A Great Vaping Experience While Being Budget-Friendly, This Is The Vape For You!

I've always wondered how to use a vaporizer and why someone would.  Since I've recently been smoking CBD buds to help my anxiety and sleep, I've decided to take the plunge.  I don't have a lot of money to spend so I needed something that was budget-friendly, but I also wanted a great vaping experience too.  Well, I was lucky that TVape sent me their Utillian 420 Vaporizer because it's exactly what I wanted and needed.  This vaporizer is the perfect size to discreetly take anywhere I need to relax or just calm down.  It has 4 preset temperatures, digital display, a glass mouthpiece, and it even comes with a small packing tool, cleaning brush, and extra screens (2).

Let me just say that I'm very impressed with this vaporizer, especially for the price!  It will set you back anywhere between 50-60 dollars, depending on when you buy it.  I only use this for CBD after I've ground it up in my grinder.  However, I do need to say that I don't (and can't) use it for cannabis because I don't live in a state where it's legal.  But, once it finally becomes legal I will be ready!  Please use this vaporizer responsibly.

Vaping Like A Pro While Being Budget-Friendly

When I first got the vaporizer, I didn't go to the website to see how to use it, which was a big mistake.  The very first thing they tell you to do is sterilize the device and it explains how to do that.  Please follow their advice.  I'm glad that I went and looked at it and read through everything because it made my experience much better!  So, after you've done this important step, you then load it with your ground up botanicals.  The CBD that I buy comes in these big nuggets so they need to be ground up with a good grinder.  TVape does have grinders and many other products for sale if you don't already have one.  You use the included packing tool and load your vaporizer.

Now you're ready to vape like a pro!  Simply screw the mouthpiece back on and vape away.  I feel like my CBD works better when I use this as opposed to using a pipe or other smoking device.  Another thing I absolutely love is that I don't cough because it doesn't bother my lungs when I inhale.

It's very nice because this unit has a one-button control.  This makes it so easy to use and as I said earlier, it fits perfectly in your bag, purse, backpack, etc.  I've also noticed that it doesn't smell as strong when I use my vaporizer, which I like so I'm not bothering others around me.

I hope you enjoy the Utillian 420 as much as I have!  If you're in a cannabis-friendly state, then flower power to you.

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