As well all know bed bugs are real and they will bite you in your sleep. BugBand says No More! Now you can travel and worry just a little bit less. Because now you can not only detect bed bugs while traveling. But now you can also treat them. So you do not have to worry about bringing them home with you. BugBand is the ONLY type on the market that can detect and treat bed bug problems. They have become such a problem in hotels, hospitals. Actually any public place because they are so easy to bring along with you.

BugBand Bed Bugs No More!


This detect and treat combo kit contains two monitors that helps detect bed bugs. Also one spray that kills the bed bugs IF you detect them. The kit is small and discreet. While also adhering to airline security.


The detection monitors use pheromones that lure the bed bugs onto the glue trap. Since they are clear you will be able to see if you trap any bed bugs. Another great fact, these monitors can last up to six months and be reused several times. We travel alot and this kit will be with me for all of our stops.


If you happen to discover bed bugs take immediate action! The non-toxic, plant based pesticide kills their eggs, larvae, nymphs AND adult bed bugs upon contact. This prevents you from bringing the bed bugs home. We all want to bring a souvenir home from vacation. But bed bugs isn't what I want to remember my vacation with.  I have been very lucky and have not had to use the spray yet. But I have used the monitors several times and they work. Now I can travel and have one less worry.

Features & Benefits

Kills eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult bed bugs on contact
Attacks insect’s exoskeleton.
The non-toxic, water-based formula is safe for bedding, children and pets
Will not stain most fabrics (Test in inconspicuous place)
2 convenient sizes ( 3 oz travel size or 16 oz full size bottle ). Small tamper-resistant travel size is airline approved.

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