Ah, spring is in the air.  The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Unfortunately, that means the bugs are back! Some spring nights it is so nice outside that I could sleep out there.  It is actually more comfortable outside than in the house, the nice breeze that I just cannot seem to get enough of in the house with my windows open.  I would love to take advantage of those nights, maybe not sleep out there per se but enjoy some nice time out on my deck for more than a few minutes before bugs force me to go back inside.  After it has been humid all day and I get a nice breeze outside, I just want to wallow in it.

Of course, bugs are not only nighttime pests as they are there during the day too.  Some days it is so nice that I want to eat outside.  I do not dare eat outside because of all the bugs that I see.  If I have to fight bugs off, I would rather just eat inside.  Parks, outdoor concerts, the list goes on, bugs can ruin anything.

BugBand insect repellent helps me go back outside and not have to worry about any of those bugs that I encounter.  Bug Band insect repellent is DEET free, and repels mosquitoes, house flies, stable flies, horn flies, fire ants, fleas, gnats, dog ticks, lone star ticks, and no-see-ums.  Now I am not going to lie.  I have no idea what a no-see-um is, but I am assuming by the name that they are very small so hard to see.  Either way I do not want them anywhere near me!!

BugBand comes in towelettes so you can apply it to your skin easily without having to worry about over-applying, especially great for young children.  They are also handy and my favorite because they are so portable, and I can buy them in twin packs or a container of more, but dumping a few of the twin packs in my purse or diaper bag and even keeping a few in my glove compartment is wonderful because they are always there when I need them no matter where I am, and it is resealable so if I am only using one I do not waste the other.  The bigger container I keep in my bathroom pantry for when I am heading outside.

They also have wristbands which are wonderful because obviously if there is going to be some water involved such as swimming whether you are at a pool in a backyard, at the lake, or at the ocean, rubbing a towelette on your skin is not going to help much when the water washes it away. Now I have the same protection and the bands last for 120 hours which is great because I get more than one use out of it.  Heck, I can use it every day for probably 2 weeks.  If I spend more time outside it will be less and if I spend less time outside it will be more, but you get the idea.  When I am tanning outside I hook it on my chair so  I do not have to get the tan mark where the band would be.  It is also great to hook onto a stroller or carriage to keep the bugs away from my child! With such great color choices too like the glow in the dark my children love wearing them (especially the glow in the dark!).

This spring/summer and into the fall I will not be forced inside by bugs anymore! I am taking my backyard back and enjoying it thanks to BugBand!

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