From humble beginnings in 1962, when a group of friends wrote out some basic rules for fantasy football, fantasy sports have become a multi billion dollar industry. With close on 60 million people involved in just the United States and Canada, the industry has become firmly established. Even UK betting sites are joining the fray.
You can create your dream team for the sport you are most interested in and find a league for it to play in. There is fierce competition within these leagues to find the best teams.
It is a great way to spend free time and develop outside interests. Players who play on a daily basis tend to consume around about 40% more sports information once they get started. It’s a fun way to while away the time, even if you are not betting.
It is also quite a social activity – you can start up a fantasy league with a group of friends or join one online. You get to socialize with like minded people and get to thrash out who’s choices are the best.
It adds an extra element of fun to your sport’s entertainment, even if you decide not to bet on matches. You get to make the choices for your team as you think they should be made. You might get it right, or you might get it wrong, but who cares? It’s taking part that is most fun.
And, if you are a real sports fundi, fantasy sports can really provide an extra edge that sports betting just cannot quite match. It requires a lot more skills because you not only need to choose the winning side but also “manage” your team.
It involves the processing of more stats and data and so is a lot more time consuming than ordinary sports betting. But this is part of the fun as well. If you are looking for a more intense hobby, fantasy leagues offer a lot more entertainment value than just betting on the same old sports teams time and time again.
And, who knows. You could even win big time with betting. You could make yourself a millionaire with a stake of just $10 to start off with if you choose correctly. All in all, at the very least, it gives you the perfect excuse to do all the sport’s research that you want to!


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