Bundle Organics are packed with quality and organic fruits and veggies. They also have an extra bump of vitamins and minerals that are very essential for your prenatal development. It is so good for you that you can drink after you have your little bundle. Not only are folic acid, calcium, iron and all of the delicious nutrients that have been added to the juices are not only good for your pre-conception but even better while you breastfeed. 

Bundle Organics is USDA organic and OB-GYN approved. They made their very first batch in their kitchen at home. They weren't real sure that their juices and teas tasted as good as they thought. So they brought in some experts from the leading nutritionists to make sure they were as tasty and full of good stuff that would not only keep mom healthy but the little one also. 

Bundle Organics

Lemon Cardamom Lactation Support Tea

A delicious blend of fenugreek, fennel, thistle and coconut that helps the mother increase her milk supply naturally. Ginger and cardamom add a subtle spicy flavor, nothing overpowering just a very good tea. A great boost any time of the day, light and soothing with nutty notes with a gentle splash of lemon and spice.

Citrus Ginger Nausea Relief Tea

For anyone that has ever been pregnant you know how bad the nausea can be. This wonderful tea is caffeine-free, non-herbal and organic. The light and lemony flavor is very gentle on your tummy. Lemon, orange and ginger also help ease the awful heartburn, digestive issues and that awful morning sickness. So relax, drink a glass of tea and get back to what matters the most in your life.

Rooibos Pregnancy Wellness Tea

Another caffeine-free, non-herbal, organic tea that is a little sweet but a little spice but everything nice. Rooibos helps calm your cravings and soothe heartburn, while cardamom, mango, and orange peel help ease nausea. This wonderful tea is everything all in one. Tasting rich and fruity with hints of sweet and spicy orange and cardamom.

Bundle Organics has helped my sister in law through her pregnancy and can help you through yours. They have juices and teas that can help you and different flavors, so you can find something that you will like.

Head on over here to keep up with the latest news and all of their newest products:

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  1. I love tea!! My favorites are Green Tea and Peppermint tea! I’ve been having too much coffee lately and need to go back to just tea!

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