I was sent a Buttons Diaper cover along with two inserts to check out. Buttons Diapers are a two-in-one diaper system that feature a wipe-able waterproof PUL covers and snap-in inserts

The cover itself is one size and fits babies from 9-35 lbs. The cover has a three step rise as well as cross-over snaps, although it does lack hip snaps. It has double leg gussets which I love for keeping messes in and elastic not only at the back but at the front as well. It also features two layers of PUL to keep it waterproof, snaps for the inserts and the inside is wipe-able so it can be used multiple times without having to throw it in the wash


The inserts are made of microfiber and moisture-wicking fleece, and snap right into the cover. The inserts come in 2 sizes (small and large) with a nighttime doubler option as well as the daytime insert. The daytime insert is made up of four layers of microfiber topped with a soft layer of fleece. The small daytime insert first from 9 to 20 lbs and the large from 20 to 25 lbs.

The nighttime insert is made up of six layers of microfiber but has no fleece layer as they are designed to be used under the daytime insert. The two inserts are able to snap together and then snapped into the cover itself.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI was really impressed with both the absorbency of the inserts as well as the ability of the cover to keep the messes in.  I do have another cover that is similar to the Buttons cover that I love except it does not feature the snap in inserts.  I love that the inserts do snap in

Buttons Diaper Covers and inserts are available to purchase directly from Buttons Diapers online.

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