If you have excellent credit, my hat off to you.  I used to.  I made all my payments on time, even paid more than the minimum amount.  Then life happened.  My hours were cut, my credit card balances were not going down even with the on time payments and paying more than minimum, and I was stuck.  It got to where I was drowning in debt and I could not get myself to the surface.  It was a horrible feeling.  I was so not used to being late in paying bills or trying to figure out which ones were “more important” than others.  It really was a vicious cycle.  I would open new credit card accounts to try to consolidate some other ones, especially those that were offering 0% interest for a certain number of months and free transfer balances, but it was never enough to move all my debt over and at the end of the time my balance would still not be paid off and not only do I now have yet another bill, but now I am being charged interest again. When it comes to cars and buying them, does refinancing a car hurt your credit, how can we be so sure?

Now let's talk something that is an absolute necessity in order to have a job.  A car.  If you are lucky enough to live in New York City or somewhere that has public transportation readily available that you could easily walk to that is wonderful, but I know even here you need a car to get to the transportation because it is too far to walk to.  Had my crystal ball been working maybe I would have lived walking distance to one of them, but of course how could I have known.  If I don't have a car, I don't have a way to get to my job or to the transportation to get me there. Cars only last so long unfortunately and the last thing I needed to worry about was not being able to buy a car so I could work thanks to my not so ideal credit.

Mr. Ed specializes in getting auto loans for people with bad credit.  If you are in the Arizona area, they can help you with buying or financing a car through any of the Earnhardt Auto Center dealerships.  This was a load of my mind because obviously if I do not have a car I cannot work and if I cannot work, how can I pay my bills and restore my credit?

Not only do they help you get that loan for your car, but they have offer credit tips to help also.  For example, one of the tips was never to close a credit card that has a balance on it.  Oops.  Wish I had seen that years ago because the first thing I did when I was in over my head was close a few credit card accounts thinking that if I did, I could not be tempted to use it and the interest would stop accumulating.  I learned the hard way that is not the way interest works.

Don't let bad credit prevent you from having the essentials of a reliable car – check out Mr. Ed Finance Department through Earnhardt Auto Centers in the Arizona area and see how they can help you get a car and repair your credit in the process!

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