When I was younger when I heard the word “Cadillac” or saw one, I just knew that the person who owned it just HAD to be rich.  Stupid? Well, not in my young mind.  The word Cadillac was synonymous with glamour, the ritzy, high end, etc.  You did not see many in my neighborhood.  When my uncle got a Cadillac all I could think of in my mind was dollar signs.  I just knew that I could never ever afford a Cadillac.

Imagine my surprise when I started looking at the Cadillac. It may seem odd that I did since as mentioned above I assumed I could never ever afford one, but I will tell you why I did.  I started noticing more Cadillacs around.  Now I can assume not everyone has a ton of money to spend on a Cadillac, so I decided to do something that I never did before and look at a dealership online.  I have trouble sleeping so many nights I decide to look up things of different topics that pop into my head when I am supposed to be getting my rest and one night this was the topic at hand.

City Cadillac in Long Island City, New York,  has such a great variety of Cadillacs.  I will not lie; the first one that appeared was the 2017 Escalade Luxury Edition.  Man is that SUV gorgeous.  Then I saw the monthly lease payment – $899.  See, I knew that Cadillacs were for the wealthy! That is like a rent payment, and I am certainly not living in my car no matter how luxurious it is!  Too bad though because it is a gorgeous looking car and if I made enough money I would be all over it.  Then, the picture changed.  I guess it is a slideshow of sort and what I saw next totally gave me my aha moment. The 2018 XT5.  It is all wheel drive and it is $379 a month.  What?! My 2002 Chevy SUV  I had bought cost me more than that a month.  Come to think of it, every single car I had purchased before except for the first car I purchased in 1990 was more than that.  Even my used Jeep I had bought one was more than that.  USED!!! This was a brand spankin new 2018 Cadillac!!

Of course those are only 2 of the models, they have others with prices in between but the point is that you CAN afford a Cadillac and they have a great reputation so you know you will be in good hands with a reliable vehicle. If you ever thought about driving around in a Cadillac or thought like me you could never afford it, check out City Cadillac and you will be surprised like I was at how affordable they really are.  You do not need to settle for just anything because you think that is all you can afford.

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