With Sparkling Avitae carbonated caffeine water, you can skip sugar-filled sodas, avoid energy drinks with mystery ingredients and power through the day with nothing but pure energy, hydration and a little fizz. It’s your time to shine. Or sparkle. So twist the cap, add thirst and take off.

When we set out to add to our collection of carbonated caffeine waters, we didn’t stop at one kind of fruit. We brought in natural strawberry and other berry flavors. Then our team even added a little kiwi. Rebels.

Sure, orange has always stolen the show. But when we wanted to add big flavor to our calorie-free caffeine water, Avitae looked to its smaller, sweeter cousin. Now, the energy of Avitae is bursting with delicious, sugar-free citrus flavor, making it the perfect morning pick-me-up, afternoon keep-me-up or anytime power-up.


My family just loves this water. I know some people don't like caffeine in their water but we really like the little pick me up that it gives us. It is nothing major and there are no caffeine jitters when drinking this water. We order almost every single flavor that they have. We are water drinkers. That is all we drink. I like that we don't have to flavor the water ourselves. My children are all in sports so they take a few bottles with them to school and to practice. And we always have a cooler full to take with us to all the games. In fact, we always have a cold cooler in the car that we fill up with this water so we have water with us where ever we go. We try our very best not to have any sugary drinks so we make absolutely sure we have plenty of this water with us when we leave the house.

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