The cake boss has a variety of k cups compatible for you keurig. I love having different varieties of coffee as you don't know what your company will like. I have had the chance to try cake boss Buddy's blend, raspberry truffle, dulche  leche and  hazelnut biscotti. All of these coffees are great tasting. My father in law like the hazelnut biscotti. My mother in law Karen liked the dulche leche.


Adam likes the buddy's blend. I like that they have so many varieties you can have different cup each time. They also have chocolate cannoli, chocolate fudge, Italian rum and butter cream. I really want to try the chocolate cannoli. These coffees are very scrumptious. I usually use the fill able kcuos as the pre made ones are usually to strong for me. With the cake boss I don't have to fill up the cups and wash them when done. I enjoyed their coffee. For more information click here.



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