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Cakes Just For One

In this house, we love all kinds of sweets, and with Valentine's Day coming up I wanted to get something special for my husband. While searching the internet I found Mackenzie Limited, they have some of the best foods, and of course, I went for sweets.

For me choosing the petite four was perfect for him. They are bite-sized and taste so good, Valentine’s Petit Fours are so tiny and perfect. These petit fours love at first bite!  Delicate layers of moist cake filled with delicious buttercream and fruit purees and topped with red hearts make these adorable treats irresistible. Packed in a beautiful gold box, flavors include: strawberry cream, truffle, chocolate cherry and raspberry.

If you love something that tastes so good these are for you, they have so many great things something for everyone's tastes. These petit fours were love at first sight, with delicate layers of moist cake filled with a delicious variety of buttercreams and fruit purees. So moist. Delicious. And they were packaged well and we loved the gold box they came in. The whole thing was perfect I couldn't ask for anything more.

Great way to add a little dessert to a delivered meal! These are the perfect dessert or as a one-person dessert, he actually shared them with me so I was able to try them.

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2018, we offer our sincere and heart-felt thanks for being part of the Mackenzie Limited family. Here’s hoping you spend your days surrounded by friends and family, and may the seasons find you happy, health, and most of all, well fed

About Mackenzie Limited

Mackenzie is proud to be part of the Chesapeake Fine Food Group, a private female-owned company focusing on premium quality, direct-to-consumer prepared gourmet foods. Our family to brands includes Mackenzie Limited, Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More and Impromptu Gourmet. 


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