I am sure you have heard of clubs or subscriptions where you get something every month or so, maybe longer intervals in between, but you have heard of them, maybe even subscribed to one or two.  This is that with twist, perfect for anyone is a whiskey lover and likes trying new things.

For Whiskey Lovers took an idea, a subscription service, and turned it into an ingenious idea.  They send you quarterly a sample of whiskey, 4 bottles each time.  You go on their website to play the Whisky IQ Game when you are ready to sample.  You log in with your Whisky Explorers Member Code and you are good to go.  You put in the code of the bottle you are sampling, and you answer some questions about what you think. Then you find out what the whiskey is.

Now the reason I absolutely love that is because I know myself when I go to a store I have preconceived notions about whiskey.  If it is not expensive it won't taste good or be smooth.  Maybe I have heard things about certain brands, good or bad, and either stay away from it without having tried it myself and not given it a chance or maybe bought it on a recommendation and it not living up to my expectations from what I had heard.

With this, because you have no idea what kind of whiskey you are actually sampling until after you have sampled it, you have no prejudice against anything.  You have no clue what it is, so you either enjoy it or you don't.  Then after you find out exactly what it was, maybe you like it so much that you have to buy it or maybe you don't care so much for it and know what you do not want to purchase in the future.  Nothing is right or wrong, just that you gave it a fair chance because all you did was taste it blindly.  You may be surprised!  You even get a great glass in order to sample the whiskey with!

This is a perfect gift for any whiskey lover, especially those whiskey lovers who insist that they will only drink one type or refuse to try another – it may open their eyes a bit and even surprise them on what they enjoy and what they don't!

Check out For Whiskey Lovers for yourself or the whiskey lover that you know!


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