‘Tis the season to start preparing for the upcoming holidays. Family, travel, gifts and more will have you stressed to the skies if you don’t contain your pain and anxiety. Experience optimal health and vitality with scientifically advanced nutraceuticals developed with the highest quality standards. Say goodbye to nights without sleep and stress-filled days.

Omax Offers a CBD Sleep and Stress Remedy

Since 2008, health and wellness company Omax has offered Omega-3, a leading choice of physicians, professional athletes and discerning consumers. Now, after years of research and development, Omax is proud to be expanding with premium quality CBD and other innovative health solutions. As a trusted brand by thousands around the world, Omax never sacrifices quality or integrity to save costs and all of their products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Omax® Sleep & Stress Remedy – Hemp CBD Blend — $59.95


Calm your mind, relax your body while getting your best night's sleep with their premium, full-spectrum hemp blend. Take Omax Sleep & Stress Remedy during the day to soothe pain, anxious nerves or a couple hours before bed to allow you to drift off into a deep sleep. Each softgel allows precise delivery of ingredients, including 5 mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD. Omax tests every batch to ensure purity, potency and concentration. The pack includes 60 softgels in individual blister packs. I can honestly say that these calmed my anxiety and allowed me to manage my stress levels a lot easier. It’s great as a sleep aid and for regular stress relief.

Omax also offers Omax® Cognitive Boost —$49.95. I tried the travel pack of this breakthrough formula containing 1000 mg of highly-concentrated Omega-3s with 150 mg of Alpha-GPC in just one serving of two softgels. Alpha & Omega proprietary ingredient technology was developed by scientists to improve bioavailability, so you can achieve maximum results. It made me more alert, energetic and sharper focused with better memory — without the jitters.

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