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Dogs! If you’re visiting this blog, then it’s safe to assume you like dogs. It’s hard to imagine anything better than having a dog in your house. (Unless you’re a cat person.) But dogs can be pretty feisty sometimes. A cat can generally be calmed with a scratching post, but dogs can sometimes be a little more destructive.Dogs usually need calming treats. You can get CBD treats for dogs from https://karmapets.org/products/calming-treats-for-dogs. For more information and tips on how to calm your dogs, visit their website.-

It’s normal for a dog to chew things and dig up holes. But when a dog destroys things we don’t want them destroying, this can be distressing. It’s worth considering potential destructive behaviour before you even get a dog. Here are some tips for you.


Different breeds exhibit different behaviours


Generally, the smaller the dog is, the calmer their temperament. Don’t take this as gospel, though! Yes, smaller breeds like the Snorkie, the Doxie and the American Bullnese tend to be very calm and well-behaved. But the Chihuahua is one of the most hyperactive, destructive dogs there is!


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Strangely enough, the dogs that exhibit the most destructive behaviour are actually among the most popular. Basset Hounds, Beagles, Bulldogs and Whippets are all up there. They’re known to chew door frames, scratch floors, and knock over unstable objects. If you want to avoid problems altogether, you may want to consider carefully the breed of dog you want to get.


Consider getting a cat instead


Cats are adorable, and will spend most of their time sleeping. That doesn’t sound too exciting to a lot of people. But sleeping isn’t going to cause damage to your home!


Protect your home!


Okay, so you’ve ignored the above advice and got yourself a lively, messy dog. What now? You need to make sure your house is protected from permanent damage. Make sure all items not on the floor are stable. This includes your television, any vases, potted plants, etc. Don’t let the dog into any rooms with wires you don’t want chewed.


You should also make sure the items you give your dog are durable. This includes toys. A weak wooden toy may come apart, splintering and chipping. This will be a danger to your pup. Rubber toys will be better, though you should keep checking their condition periodically. You could also consider getting an indestructible dog bed, so your mischievous dog doesn’t destroy its own resting place!


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Understand your dog’s behaviour


So your dog has been in the house for a while now. You’ve tried telling it off, tried to keep it away from dangerous objects. But its destructive nature is still holding strong. What do you do?


There’s a possibility that there is a deeper problem with your dog. It doesn’t necessarily want to destroy the object it’s attacking. It may simply be acting this way out of boredom, or hyperactivity, or for want of attention. Stress, fear and anxiety are also things you need to consider.  


Make sure you play with your dog frequently. Go on walks! If your friend has a dog, get the two together for some doggy playtime.
If the problem persists, you may want to consult a canine behaviour specialist.

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