Some people like to camp to get away from it all, be one with nature, escape all the hustle and bustle.  I have also heard people say they like to “unplug.”  Go away without any electronics, devices, or anything and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

I am not one of those people.  I am the first to  admit I am addicted to my smartphone and the thought of being without it drives me nuts.  It is like my lifeline.  Sad I know but I think  it is like my security blanket, I feel better when I have it in case I need it.  And to be honest, I need to be able to pass the time because to me camping is boring.  I know there are people who love it and I take nothing away from them, but for me I can take it or leave it and if I am doing it, you bet I am going to be playing games on my phone and checking up on my Facebook stories.  In other words, I do not unplug. I “plug in.”

Now since all  the camping I have ever done does not entail electrical outlets, you can bet I am going to need something to charge my phone with.  As good as my phone is I really doubt it will go 2 days without a charge, even if I did scale back on my usual usage.  The Pro+ Charger with Lightning Connector charges my phone really quick in my truck/car so I can charge it on the way to the campsite and it will be ready for when I get there, and if I need to run back to give it a quick charge I know I can do that too.  Love the heavy duty cord.  One thing I have found is I hate flimsy cords.

Now when it is not always ideal to run back to the car/truck when I need a charge, I love my Solar Power Bank with Flashlight.  Okay first off, flashlight.  Perfect.  You always need some of those when camping.  The best part is it can charge 2 devices at one time so not only can it charge the phone but can also charge a camera. I don't know about you, but it never fails that I always get low on camera battery when I am somewhere taking some nice pictures.  It never fails.  I could use my phone sure, but I like my camera to take nicer quality pictures and it kind of bugs me when I can't use it because the battery runs out, and those seem to drain pretty quick!  The solar panel is also a nice touch because it can always be powered.  That is awesome.  Love solar!! Plus you can charge tablets or even those portable games if you have a child who needs to be kept occupied during this trip too, and we know how quickly those lose battery and need to be recharged!

If you want more of a flashlight for emergencies (and if you are like me you plan for every little thing that can happen so you would want one) the Beacon Emergency Flashlight is all you will need.  It flashes red for an emergency, is also like a stick so you can break a window with it  (hey probably won't need to but I have seen plenty of TV shows where cars end up in a river and need to have the glass broken – will it ever happen to me? probably not, but good to know I can break a window if I need to).  And then of course because I am so dependent on my devices it has a USB port so I can charge.

Now with my devices and my child's portable game, I know the last thing anyone wants to hear is the sounds coming from them.  I can turn my volume down usually but if I am looking at something that requires sound or my child is  playing their games they usually do not want to play silent and that is where the Ranger Noise Control Earbuds with Mic comes in.  So not only does it control the outside noise but now I can hear everything nice and clear without bothering anyone else and without straining to hear because of everything else going on.  It is also water, sweat, and dust resistant.  The noise control also enables me to have it at a lower volume and still be able to hear since it controls outside noise.  This is huge because you have no idea how loud I have to turn up the volume sometimes to hear with other earbuds because of outside noise.  People tell  me they can hear it and I want to ask them to tell me what was said because I still couldn't hear it because of the background noise yet they claim they can hear it when they are in my ears! Perfect solution to a problem I have.  Maybe I am just deaf or my ears do not like background noise and cannot concentrate on what it is supposed to when there is, but this solves that problem so no need to worry about that anymore.

Check them out for yourself – perfect gift for the camper who thinks they have everything or for you if you just tag along to be sociable while maybe not enjoying camping as much as others to keep yourself occupied!

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