As we all know there is no summer camp, so what are you planning on doing this year to keep those who have kids busy. I know we are happy that we have a pool, and they can swim but what else can we do.

Recently I was approached by Camp Warner Bros about being a part of their, virtual summer camp, and of course, I jumped at the chance, this would be great for the younger kids to take part of and feel like they are at camp.

This will be a great experience for 8 weeks they have something to do, a plan of sorts, Activities as if they are in camp, A great way to keep them busy and happy and my mind at ease. We are so excited to get this going, and seeing all they have planned for us.

The best part is it is all mapped out for me and following the plan will be easy and fun, they want to do it all but we have our days and weeks planned out to do this and more things.


Camp Calendar

Week #1-Super Hero Training-LEGO DC: Shazam’s Magic and Monsters-June 22

Week #2-DIY Crystal Gems-Steven Universe-June 29

Week #3-Gummy Bear Slime-We Bare Bears-July 6

Week #4-Cooking & Coloring-Scooby-Doo and the WrestleMania Mystery-July 13

Week #5-Character Bank-Team Titan’s Go vs. Teen Titans-July 20

Week #6-Summer Goals Chart & Family Fitness-Alex and Me-July 27

Week #7-Drive-In Movie-Tom & Jerry: The Fast and the Fury-August 3

Week #8-Talent Show-Family Matters -Do The Urkel-Family Matters-Season 1-August 10



Our kit included shirts and hats for the kids and a whole kit for me. We were so excited when we opened the box and saw all the cool things and they even added some other goodies.

The best part of all of this is sharing this 8 weeks with you, our readers. We want to make it feel like your doing this with us. How fun is this going to be, and imagine all the cool things you will be doing. We are so excited to see what the weeks coming has in store for us, and sharing with you,

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