Great! Camp Wonderopolis, created by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), will take kids and their families and educators on an immersive Camp journey of learning that embodies the possibilities of summer and the spirit of exploration. More info below:

· Free to learners of all ages

· Pre-registration opened Monday, April 21

· Camp runs June 16 – July 27

· Campers and counselors (parents or teachers) can create avatars, win Wonder Cards and contests and customize their experience with their own interests and availability

· Campers can engage with lessons, tracks and opportunities in any order and at any rate

· Offers 43 lessons distributed across six branches of science

Camp will pair online learning activities with outdoor experiences, building extensive science knowledge, building literacy skills and exploring curiosity and new ways of learning along the journey!

Hurry and register before June 16th and get ready for some fun.

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