Technology has transformed all of our lives almost overnight. I bet that right now you are reading this on your smartphone or tablet. In addition to that, I'm more than positive that you use that smartphone or tablet to communicate with your friends and family, coworkers, and maybe even binge watch your favorite shows. The world of seasoned campers is no different. Huge advancements in technology have not only brought down cost, but enhanced the experience individuals like you are getting from their camping experience. There is so much to cover and talk about, from cost-cutting features for drivers, to campground management software for owners seeking to incorporate technology into their businesses. Today, let's narrow it down to the most exciting technological features trending today.


Our first add-on we suggest adding to your camper is the outfitting of solar panels on their tops. These solar panels allow you to, once and for all, make your generator obsolete. As you may be well aware, generators are not the quietest or environmentally friendly machines out there and are the cause of some unfortunate carbon monoxide deaths. Now I'm sure you're kind of put off by the price of solar panels. However, if you're the type that constantly uses your camper, the panels will pay for themselves in the form of not having to replenish your gas, propane and any other fuels you previously needed.

Another feature to keep in mind, next time you are planning to travel somewhere far from civilization, is your campers wifi capabilities. Usually, campers get a bad rep for having horrible wifi, and that's not your services fault. In fact, most of the disruption is due to the makeup of the camper itself. So what do we recommend? Wifi boosters and hot spots. You might be telling yourself that you won't need any because your campsite offers free wifi. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most of these wifi areas are very weak. Add about 20 other people using it at the same time along with your camper's material, and you might as well turn off your cell phone because it won't work. If you're on the market for a camper, expect the newer versions to be equipped with these wifi boosters. However, it's always safe to purchase additional protection. New campers also include essential USB ports that older models do not have.

Let's add on some helium to your camper. No, we're not talking about having you float away, although that would be a sight to see. What we're talking about is helium technology that incorporates a new design and building material of a camper in order to bring the weight down and decrease any significant wear and tear from your trips.

Food, yes, now we're getting to the good part. Feeding your family in a camper can sometimes be a struggle. You have a limited food supply so you don't want to overcook a meal or have to throw it away. We found this amazing and easy portable oven that allows you to have a pre-cooked meal warm and ready to eat at any time. This portable oven, many people say, is even better than hauling a microwave in your camper because it does not warm its surroundings, only your delicious food inside.

Now that we've established a good method of keeping our food warm, let's move on to keep ourselves warm by upgrading your campers electrical system. Currently, there have been many advancements in camper battery systems in the form of high-end lithium batteries. You will need this types of battery to run your solar panel energy. Doesn't the energy from the solar panels power my electronics? Yes and no. While they do accumulate the energy required for power, you still need to convert that energy into amperage in order to use it. Lithium batteries additionally provide you with long-lasting use, less maintenance, and also weigh much lighter than their counterparts.

We hope you have found some ideas on how to better equip your camper with today's advancements. Remember, always shop around and do some independent research of your own before investing. And, most importantly, enjoy the outdoors!


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