Yes, a gate opener can absolutely add value to your home. Almost everything these days is automated and this is why the thought of having to get out of the car just to be able to open the gate is already viewed as a hassle and time-waster. This is true especially these days when a smart home has already become a trend. And one way to make your home smarter than what other people have is to install a gate opener. 

However, you have to keep in mind that not all gates can be easily upgraded to make it compatible with automated gate openers. So, have it checked before deciding to call on the professionals to have your gate opener installed. It is also crucial to factor in the quality of the batteries that will be used. You need to have an idea how long does a gate opener battery last so you won’t find yourself seeing a half-opened gate as soon as you get home from a long day at work. Remember that a gate battery is much like a fuel to your car. If the batteries are drained, chances are your gate will also not work. 

How A Gate Opener Increases Home Value 

Improves Safety and Security

A gate opener is one huge deterrent to thieves and burglars. Statistics reveal that a home without a security system is 300 percent more likely to be broken into. The 2017 Crime Statistics reported by the FBI also showed that almost three burglaries occur every minute in the United States. Knowing these statistics should be reason enough for homeowners to invest in a high-end gate opener. This is because increased security also translates to increased home value. 


This way, even before other uninvited guests walk into your driveway and rush to your entrance door, they have to first see to it that they get past the gate. Besides, a gated entry will also lead other people to assume that more security measures have been installed inside. This enhanced security created by a gate opener makes your property more attractive to potential buyers, but less appealing to thieves and burglars. 



Adds Prestigious Feel and Aesthetic Appeal

Installing a gate opener has been proven as a wise investment. It immediately increases your home’s aesthetics and curbs appeal. Moreover, a gated entrance creates a luxury feel and more so if it has an automated gate opener. It immediately gives people the impression that it is a high priced home since a gate opener is one high-end feature that not all properties have. In turn, it conveys an upscale feel which real estate investors find irresistible. 


With these benefits, there is no doubt that a gate opener can indeed increase the value of your home. The best thing about it is that these are not the only benefits of having a gate opener. Add in the convenience, the safety of your kids and pets and enhanced privacy that a gate opener provides and you will find that a gate opener is a must-have for your home property. 

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